Jennifer Maddox not only changed my life, but has taught me how to change my life.
— Grateful Client
I didn’t know therapy could be this fun and interactive!
— Grateful Client

I might not be the best fit for everyone. Why? Because I am training warriors. I’m no longer interested in sitting and hearing problems without real profound spiritual change.  Through non traditional ways and putting you in the driver seat for your own healing, I will help you transform and heal! The healing started with me, and then my dear new client, it starts with you!  Do you want to heal now?  I have known and loved many people, who, though they “live” and breathe and walk this earth, they feel dead and hopeless inside. To this I say no thank you! I want to live awake and alive and I want you to as well.   If this resonates with you, and you are ready to live awake, then you have been guided to me. It's time to wake up and live. And that takes change!

 Ohh yes change! To really live we need to make changes, not just talk about making them or thinking about them. Change is not just in the mind. Change is in the breath, the heart, the body & the mind. Along with trauma informed psychotherapy I embrace sacred breath work, spiritual direction, mindfulness based CBT, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Energy healing & meditation.  While I do not provide psychedelic assisted therapy, I do offer psychedelic integration support, individually & in groups.

Watch Jennifer in Action:

With John Gray, best selling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Discussing love, addictions and divorce

Therapist In Denver – Jennifer D. Maddox, LCSW, MASM

“Jennifer was absolutely amazing in my divorce recovery. I walked into her office a complete wreck, scared, in the dark, and not knowing where my life was heading. After seeing Jennifer and going through her divorce group I found empowerment, a new me but a lot of the old me that was stuffed deep inside after many years of not caring about myself. I was standing in a river, drowning, but my sisters pulled me back to shore. I rode the wave of life, and i still am but now I'm armed with a sisterhood unlike any I've ever encountered. Thank you for helping me find me! I highly recommend Jennifer and her work, in a dark place it's hard to see the light, but it's there, waiting for you to grasp hold and GO!”

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