For the past decade I have supported hundreds of people rebuild their lives after heartache and trauma as a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Denver.   Over the years, I have developed a greater appreciation for and understanding of how trauma lives in our bodies.  While talk therapy helps create a basis and a narrative for health, and it helps ALOT! We can not talk our way to full recovery.  We need to feel the recovery in our bodies and in our spirit.  I have developed a practice that incorporates, yoga therapy, energy work, spirituality and mindful meditation.  What I know for sure is that many of the questions about why we cannot get better, or make that leap from sadness or incompleteness to living a fuller, more joyous life can only be answered in silence.  

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With John Gray, best selling author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Discussing love, addictions and divorce

Therapist In Denver – Jennifer D. Maddox, LCSW, MASM

Jennifer Maddox not only changed my life, but has taught me how to change my life.
— Grateful Client

I am looking for people hungry for change. I am looking for people ready to do the work it takes to really be able to sit still with their thoughts, their emotions, their memories and their demons and still know that they will be "okay".  Scratch that,  No they won't be okay. They will be free.   My clients understand that their health is in their own hands and I merely facilitate their coming to their own vision of health and wellness.  I  am available to talk with you one on one in my office or via Skype or with your group as a guest or story teller.

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