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With humble gratitude…

If you want to stay stuck; sick; disempowered; traumatized; addicted; and subconsciously living life as the victim of your current circumstances; financial dispositions; and health diagnosis’s- I recommend that you DO NOT work with JENNIFER MADDOX.

I was appointed by a judge, to see my first therapist when I was 8 and a half years old, due to the severe trauma that I survived as a child. I spent the following 25 years abusing myself through eating disorders, violent relationships with myself and others, and lived in a distorted perverted reality. Addiction to food, starving myself, exercise, alcoholism, self destruction, and co-dependent relationships were my solution.
Along the way, I have seen numerous Specialist, Experts, and sought several types of healing. Many Experts, Dr’s, Physiatrists, Phycologists, and Specialist, have told me that my personal story, is one of the most horrific stories they have ever heard.
What did I do with the experts statements? I internalized these statements and allowed them to validate my story. self fulfilling prophecy. I,unknowingly and subconsciously, allowed my story to define me. I kept making decisions that recreated my initial story, validating my old beliefs- and was stuck in a self fulfilling prophecy. I believed that my life would never change. I was stuck in my misery and desperately longed to die- because I didn’t know how to live.

Suicide was and has never been an option to me. Simply because 7 of my family members have all attempted this and 3 were successful on their first attempt.

The pain of not changing began to outweigh the pain of staying the same. I decided that I was going to keep fighting- even though their was no fight left in me.

Miraculously, I met Jennifer Maddox. Jennifer Maddox is a healer. She has the ability to look past the current chaos that I was constantly causing, or the fruit of my negative belief system and go for the jugular- find the root of my pain, expose the lie of the belief and compassionately give me the tools and the choice to change.

Jennifer’s approach is that she wants to work with people who truly want to change. Ms. Maddox’s practice works. Ms. Maddox doesn’t believe in lifetime therapy. Her goal is to help and empower her patients to change their own lives, and then release them back into the world.

I’ve never worked with anyone in my entire life like Jennifer Maddox. Ms. Maddox possesses the Devine gift of healing, compassion, challenge, insight, and perspective. Ms. Maddox was able to connect all of the dots in my life, from every experience in my life. She not only has the capability to see the big picture, but also provided me with the lenses to see and understand the big picture for myself.

I did not believe that my life would ever change and it has, because I’ve been willing to do the work. I have completely transformed. This year, I cried on my birthday, because I am so grateful to be alive. For the first time in my life, I have experienced real joy and I have finally faced my ultimate fear- I am completely alive! My future has color again. I have discovered that I’m not the problem, but that I am the solution.

Jennifer Maddox not only changed my life, but has taught me how to change my life.

- Grateful Client


Dear Jennifer,

Your witness to my process, growth, tears, joys & your very compassionate & astute advice are simply invaluable. Thank you for the extra time and extra wonderful wisdom. You are a gift.

- Confidential Client

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