7 Reasons Why I Think Therapy Doesn’t Have to Suck!

I admit it! I am a bit biased about positive effects of therapy for my clients and well, for everyone! So often I have a new client come to me and say, “I was so scared to come here today.” Or “Well that wasn’t really so bad. I thought it was going to suck!” But therapy doesn’t have to suck! AND if going to therapy sucks for you, find a new therapist! There are so many people to choose from, keep looking until you find someone who resonates with you. Perhaps I will?

1) You get one full hour (sometime 2 hours if you ask nicely and I have space) to talk about yourself without worrying what I think of you or that you have to see me in the drop off line at your kid’s school the next day. You don’t have to worry if you’re giving me enough time to talk about myself. I won’t talk about myself. (Well maybe a little but only when it’s appropriate or it helps you!) You don’t have to worry if you sound crazy or selfish or if you go into a full-blown ugly cry. I always have lots of tissue on hand to mop up your tears and snot. It’s exactly the place to feel & experience all that stuff! You can get mad and storm out and I will still be there the next week wanting to talk about your experience. Where else can you get that kind of dedication and attention?

2) You get to go to your dark places and still stay safe. I won’t react to them with discomfort. Or ever say, “Um… your just too dark to be my client.” I provide a container of clinical skills for you to bounce around in. I allow you to go to the edge of your fear or darkness and at times, sanity, without quite ever going over. I will help guide you and allow you to become more enlightened along your path to recovery. I will not let you crash, (hopefully) but walk with you right up to the crash scene and emotionally hold your hand through the dark places and facilitate your arrival on the other end.

3) You get someone to hold your secrets. In fact, I am required by law to hold secrets and not divulge them to anyone. Anyone! Ever! Unless you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, then okay, I have to tell! But that’s a good thing right?

4) Therapy with me can be fun at times. I will be able to help you laugh at some of your issues in a loving and productive way. We all take our selves and our lives so seriously. Sometimes it’s really helpful to have someone in your life that can help you find the levity in an otherwise ridiculous situation.

5) I provide unbiased clinically researched insights into your behavior, thoughts and emotions. Most everybody else in the world is giving you their opinion about things based on their own experiences. But my experience doesn’t really matter. I will show you the pros and cons of a situation and help guide you to your own best decision.

6) Therapy with me can give you structure and a touch point when everything else in your world seems like it is coming unhinged. Hopefully, my office can be the one place where things make sense and where you feel safe.

7) I will play many roles for you along the way. Some times you might need a good swift kick in the pants, other times you need a cheer leader, or a guide through the dark places, other times still, a good strong silent shoulder to cry on. All of this can be provided with a strong clinical and spiritual foundation. If you see me for a period of time, and truly allow yourself to trust and be vulnerable, I will get to be all of those things for you.

I know this list is a bit “tongue and cheek” but let me assure you, it is with all seriousness and great humility that I do my work and I would be honored to be chosen as someone to help you do your work.